At Berniscervera we create exclusive design clocks inspired by the industrial and technological aesthetic of past centuries.


Mechanism   Clock (quartz movement). Thermometer.  Barometer.

Size   26″ high  x  18″ wide  x  6″ deep

Materials   metal (brass, steel, copper), wood, leather, crystal.

Shipping   Free. Worldwide.

Price   US $1800








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“I received the clock yesterday. It was in great shape and a marvel to behold. I love it. You are a great talent…..thanks”

Ernest. Vermont, US.


“The clock did arrive in perfect condition. Thank you for packing it so well. It’s a wonderful masterpiece and I will mount it carefully in my home office”

Kristzina. Maine, US.


“It’s excellent! If you add more clocks to your available products please let me know”

Cory. New York, US.